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  • Featured Image Sexy Mature Massage Therapist Farrah Rose


    I don’t know about you, but I could picture myself getting a rub down by this sexy mature babe. Farrah Rose is 47 and smoking hot, and more than a little horny too!

    Farrah Rose, a 47-year-old divorcee from Los Angeles, is a massage therapist and an exotic dancer, and she loves taking her work home with her. “I’ve got regular hobbies like sailing and cooking, but my favorite thing to do is give a nice sensual rubdown,” she said. “You better believe I give happy endings in the bedroom! I take a lot of pride in my tight, tanned skin, so I love jerking a guy off onto my tits. The white cum makes such a great color contrast!” She works as a part-time fitness instructor, too, so if it sounds like she’s busy, that’s because she is. “I work all day, then come home to my beautiful children. That’s probably why I’m single. I’m a strong woman who doesn’t need a man to take care of me..except in the bedroom! I still need to be discreetly fucked about three times a week.” Or not-so-discreetly. She’s already fucked twice at 40SomethingMag.com, and all the world has seen her take a big dick in her ass. “I love anal sex. Love it.” Here, she loves fingering her pink pussy and spreading her cunt and well-fucked butthole so we can see inside. You’ll enjoy the view.

    Gotta love a horny MILF that does it all and loves it all, I am sure a little massage oil will make taking her in the back door a real pleasure!

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  • Laura Layne Sexy Phone Sex Gal

    phone sex milf

    Among other things, 51-year-old Laura Layne is a phone sex operator. This curvy MILF measures 34DD-28-36. She lives in Arizona where she likes to skinny dip in her pool and tan naked. She’s a divorced and remarried swinger. This former California girl obviously loves to fuck, but don’t take our word for it. Laura will tell you just how much she likes being naked, swinging, anal, hiking and being a phone sex operator. Yup, a phone sex operator. This horny MILF loves to talk dirty and get guys off over the phone, it really turns her on and she ends up masturbating along with them too, because it’s pretty fucking exciting to do it! This hot MILF has got a nice body too, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you found out she was on the other end of the line! She isn’t shy in this set from 40something, she ends up with her fingers in her pussy and cumming hard, just cause she loves to play!

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  • Hot MILF Lorelei Lane Gets Naked

    lorelei lane 40 something

    You have to love it when you spot a sexy MILF before she becomes well known. I spotted sexy Lorelei Lane back in 2010 when she appeared on the Naughty Neighbors part of Naughtymag,showing off in front of a Mustang (cougar and mustang, get it?). Anyway, fast forward a bit, and this horny MILF is back, now appearing and a semi-pro on 40 Something, and she looks fucking awesome. This hot MILF has a lean, sexy body, really nice tits, and a great pair of thighs you will just want to spend some time between. This sexy strip down shows it all, she’s a true natural hotty with nothing to hide, that is for sure!

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  • Busty MILF Sophia Jewel Loves To Do It All

    sophia jewel big tits

    Hot MILF Sophia Jewel is a woman that knows what she wants, and she isn’t scared to go get it, even if she has to climb over your girlfriend or wife to get there:

    ‘I’ll fuck your brains out while your girlfriend watches,’ said Sophia Jewel, a 43-year-old personal trainer from Florida. Really? We’ll take her up on that. ‘I like men of strong character,’ Sophia said. ‘A guy with a good sense of humor who keeps me laughing is always a turn-on. I hate when someone tries too hard. I want to tell them to just be themselves!’ Maybe it’s hard for a guy to relax when he grows a boner the minute he sees Sophia. But when the right guy comes along… ‘I usually like to role-play and fuck him real rough. Then when we’re done, it’s time to cuddle and sleep. And then when we wake up, we can start over again!

    Well, she’s got the body for it for sure, nice big boobs and a sexy round ass, and you can tell this horny MILF is ready for some fun any time!

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  • Holly Claus Mega Busty MILF

    holly claus tits

    Holly Claus isn’t related to Santa Claus (at least I don’t think) but she certainly had a visit or two from the boob fairy in her day. This sexy MILF i found over at 40 Something has got some seriously huge tits and big nipples, that is for sure. This sexy 41 year old MILF is really a professional strip dancer, and she loves to show off her sexy body and her mulitple pussy piercings… yup, that’s right, a mature babe with a pierced twat, now that’s something. Perhaps it proves that 40 is the new 30, because this girl is as hot as they come and more than ready to show off and play!

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  • Hot Granny Lola Lee Proves 69 Aint Just a Position

    lola lee 69

    Lola Lee is one of those incredibly sexy grannies that you can’t believe is actually as old as she is. Lola Lee is celebrating 69, and we don’t mean the position, this sexy granny has turned 69 and still looks hot and is as horny as ever, check out her story:

    ‘I really didn’t think anybody would be so crazy about seeing me again that they would ask for me, so I was glad they did,’ 69-year-old divorcee Lola Lee said. ‘And I always love coming to your studio. You make me feel so wonderful.’ That’s because we give her big cocks to suck and fuck. Jewel, who shares a guy with Lola in the DVD Sixty & Swingin’, once told us, ‘Lola likes to make believe she’s this demure, proper lady from Texas, but I’m here to tell you that’s not always true. She always says I’m hornier than her, but I don’t think that’s true, either. Whenever we talk on the phone, she’s always telling me about who she had sex with!

    Hot, horny, and 69… now that’s something special!

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  • Morgan Monroe Stunning Busty and 48

    morgan monrie 40something

    If you want proof that older gals and mature babes are getting hotter these days, you don’t have to look any further than Morgan Monroe. This sexy 48 year old is stunningly hot, with nice big tits and a decent ass, and a great overall look. She puts plenty of 30 something girls to shame with her hot body, sexy smooth skin, and a a real enjoyment of getting naked! She shows off in this sexy lingerie set for 40 Something, showing off all of her hot body and running her juicy pink pussy to a nice cum, really getting into it. She’s got that naughty mature look to her, she has the experience to make you happy and the will to make it happen. What turns her on the most is seeing guys pull out their cock and masturbate while checking her out, I bet she loves to get covered in cum too!

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  • Trixie Blu One Hot Sexy MILF

    trixie blu milf

    40 Something brings us sexy MILF and swinger Trixie Blu in this hot and sexy set. This stunning blond housewife and mom is also one hell of a horny babe, her and her husband are swingers and they love nothing more than to go out and meet up with people for nice hot hardcore fuck parties. This sexy MILF has got an amazing body, really nice tits, a juicy pussy, and oh yeah, some piercings too! Did I mention the tramp stamp tattoo too? She’s certainly got everything it takes, and she is more than willing to put out and have a damn good time fucking right in front of her hubby. Very nice!

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  • Angie Noir Big Boobs MILF Ready For Action

    big tits milf angie noir

    Sexy Angie Noir is a big titty MILF I found over at 40 something, and she’s ready for action. This 46 year old has got a rather impressive rack, they sort of have that new boobs look about them, super firm and full, and they match her body very nicely. She’s hot and horny for some fun with a younger guy, and that’s what she’s about to get. She’s a naughty wife who loves to drive her husband crazy by fucking on front of him. This scene gets her fucked nice and hard, and Angie Noir gets a creampie pussy as a reward. She says ” I laid there a little longer so my husband could get a better view of the cum coming out of my hole” – now that a good little slutty wife!

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  • 40 Something Layla Redd

    Layla Redd recently turned 40, so it’s all good to have this incredibly hot lady on 40 Something. Check out those perky tits and nice redhead pussy, yes, she’s a real redhead on top and bottom! Check out her story:

    Meet Layla Redd, a former high school assistant principal. Layla used to spend her days keeping high school kids in check, and now here she is, taking off her clothes for a men’s magazine for the first time. ‘I always liked the idea of getting into porn, so when I lost my job, I decided why not?’ Layla said. ‘I’m 40, so I decided to make a huge change in my life. When I was younger, I wanted to do this, but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. You know, take the risk, and if somebody found out, I couldn’t go back to having some regular, boring nine-to-five job. This is much more fun.’

    It’s a lot more fun for us too. Can you imagine how many boners this hot high school teacher gave her students in her day? She’s hot as heck at 40, that is for sure!

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