Nina Hartley Is a Horny Cougar

nina hartley

I have been writing this blog for ages now, sometimes I forget how long I have been doing it for. I found a new gallery from sexy Nina Hartley, and I wondered if I have ever posted up anything on this hot Cougar before. Well, I found this Nina Hartley story, the only one on this blog, and it’s from five years ago – and Nina Hartley looks as good today as she did 5 years ago! Nice stuff. Check out this story from Seduced by a Cougar:

It’s been ages since Nina has been fucked. Divorced, lonely and horny, she decides to post her first “Casual Encounter” on the internet and find a young stud who can satisfy her insatiable craving for cock. When Danny answers Nina’s ad and shows up for the date, he’s a little disappointed that Nina is really 20 years older than the picture she posted. The ad was for a “Casual Encounter”, so Danny decides he might as well fuck this sexy Cougar.

Hot stuff, most of us would love to have such a wonderful hardcore casual encounter with a hot cougar like Nina Hartley!

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