40 Something Layla Redd

Layla Redd recently turned 40, so it’s all good to have this incredibly hot lady on 40 Something. Check out those perky tits and nice redhead pussy, yes, she’s a real redhead on top and bottom! Check out her story:

Meet Layla Redd, a former high school assistant principal. Layla used to spend her days keeping high school kids in check, and now here she is, taking off her clothes for a men’s magazine for the first time. ‘I always liked the idea of getting into porn, so when I lost my job, I decided why not?’ Layla said. ‘I’m 40, so I decided to make a huge change in my life. When I was younger, I wanted to do this, but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. You know, take the risk, and if somebody found out, I couldn’t go back to having some regular, boring nine-to-five job. This is much more fun.’

It’s a lot more fun for us too. Can you imagine how many boners this hot high school teacher gave her students in her day? She’s hot as heck at 40, that is for sure!

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